South Town

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

This man created something in me never experienced before. My heart dropped the first second I saw him, and it was shocking.

I finished my lunch, and as if a teenager, I approached him and asked him for his name. We had a small but intense conversation and gave each other our phone numbers. I cannot believe that I’ve done this; I literally seem a desperate teenager girl. Coming back home, with my same music but something seems different, that guy is locked in my head and I’ve only had a 10 minutes conversation. Can´t be real. Mia calls me, “Linda and her boyfriend are coming to eat dinner home tonight, be ready.”  With Mia every day and every night is a party; maybe that is why I love her so much; she gives me what I do not have.

I get back home and I get ready for the dinner, casual, Mia said, so casual it will be. I prepare the table while Mia cooks the food because obviously I’m very bad at cooking. When Linda and her boyfriend arrive home, they all come upstairs but, oh my god, the man from the restaurant is also with them. I did not tell Mia anything about it, so she is going to be so confused. I stare at him and I say hi to him again, he also seems surprised. Maybe it is a signal, maybe this is special.

The dinner was weird. We started at each other as if something growing inside of us forced our eyes to be seen. Of course Mia noticed me and is happy for me; maybe this is what I need. A little bit of action in my life, and hopefully this time it does not appear to be as last one. My last relationship ended with me for two years. I used to be the happiest girl in earth, the most innocent one and the most romantic one. He was the average guy who controls a girl but is able to not be controlled, and he drove me crazy. Crazy in love with him and at the same time crazy by hating loving him so much. My life depended on him. I gave my life to him, he played with my life and one day he threw it away. Caught me searching my life for the next two years, to find out that that person did not exist anymore. That happy girl was a strong girl; it is tough, but it is life.

To Be Continued…