What’s your song? Pt. 2

Did someone say encore?


Find the lyric that connects to your soul. Photo provided by ManRepeller.com

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorial/Entertainment Editor

Let’s pick up where we left off shall we? Part one of this article chain discussed the songs that would represent the first four zodiac signs and I am ecstatic to announce I have returned for part two! Songs have a way of touching our hearts and have always managed to relate to our feelings. Jumping right in, I am here to analyze which song is on each sign’s life playlist based on their personality traits. Through this, one can possibly learn more about their sign than they already knew.


The sign next in line is Scorpio. Born October 23 to November 21, a Scorpio is passionate and well driven; they know what they want and will go for it. I would say good luck telling a Scorpio they can’t do something because then they will work even harder to prove you wrong. The overall vibe that is emitted by Scorpios is fearless, and Diva by Beyoncé, aka Queen B, is the perfect song for this sign. Scorpios are here to put in the work better than anyone else and then ball out; they don’t have time for slackers and according to Beyoncé’s 2009 iconic song, neither did she.


Now that we are on a roll, let’s bowl over to Taurus. Calm, patient, so chill you wonder if they are listening to you in the first place. Tauruses were born between April 20 and May 21 and are a bit of homebodies; however, whether its hanging out one on one or at a high energy place, they know how to have a good time. The CEO of chill, Khalid, has the most fitting song for Taurus, which is called Talk. This song emits the calming yet exciting energy a Taurus shares with another person just by being themselves.


Let’s skip to the cool and hip Sagittarians. Born within November 22 to December 21, this sign is in love with adventure, any heart racing activity will catch the attention of this sign. Excitable and upbeat are useful words to describe a Sagittarius and the song that attaches to them is Wild Things by Alessia Cara. Expressing the joy of going off script and embarking on your own unique path is such a Sagittarius move and is celebrated through the lyrics of Alessia Cara.


It’s time to say hi to the Geminis. This sign, born between May 21 and June 21, is very coordinated and intellectual. Sometimes their mouth may get them in trouble, but they stand their ground, nonetheless. In the group Geminis are the ones in constant boss mode, not interested in feelings and always on an upward climb. The song for the Geminis would be Everywhere by Chole x Halle. The unapologetic tone for success and thriving work ethic within the song embodies the behavior of a Gemini on a daily, like the song says, “Don’t hate just appreciate it.”


Learning about the outstanding traits in each sign truly makes a person wonder what characteristics they never realized they had. Possibly someone is a mix of signs, but in all fun seeing what song that may or may not have described them goes to show what they either learned about themselves or what they already know. Understanding personality traits of yourself can be as fun as dancing to music.