Why I Never Get My Work Done


Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

Now, this isn’t anything new for me or the people who know me, but I NEVER get my work done for any of my classes and if I do it was a complete struggle. During school hours I’ll try to recite all the homework I have to do in my mind and try to hype myself to do it when I get home, but honestly, it never happens.

I get home and all the motivation I have is completely gone and replaced with the motivation to do everything else besides my homework. I’ll tell myself “alright you got this, Calena, you can do it.” But it doesn’t happen, and I never get the work done until the last minute, what a surprise. Like I’m seriously struggling to stay focused while typing this, and it seems like I might give up because my attention is everywhere else besides my laptop right now. I don’t hate homework, but I have the attention span of a goldfish. I’ll think about something for 30 seconds and then forget about it entirely. Now, this whole self-destructive behavior isn’t a one-man job; my friends also join in this procrastination fest too. Almost all of my friends have invited me to their house at least 5 times to just blankly stare at our homework to end up getting nothing done. We don’t even do it on purpose; we have full intent to get all our work done, but it just doesn’t end like that.

Now as bad as all of this sounds, I EVENTUALLY get my work done, even if it takes all I’ve got. I just seem to have major procrastination issues that I’ll try to fix in the future… if I’m not too busy procrastinating on fixing it.