40 things to do while stuck inside during a pandemic

If you are going a bit crazy in quarantine, here are some things you can do!


Stay educated, informed, and inside!

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

  1. Complete a puzzle- lots of kids have been using it as a distraction!
  2. More of a word person? Do a crossword puzzle.
  3. Feeling extra? Complete a Rubik’s cube!
  4. Start a journal or blog. Sure, it can be about the coronavirus, or anything else!
  5. If it won’t bother your neighbors, you band kids can take that old instrument and practice.
  6. Write poetry. I mean, why not?
  7. Watch all the really long movies you’ve avoided until now.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Try yoga! Or any other exercising techniques!
  10. Look at pictures of puppies.
  11. Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal week.
  12. Take note from Tangled star Rapunzel, who has an entire song about how she’s spent her days alone in a castle. Activities included: Ventriloquy, candle-making, papier-mâché and adding a new painting to her gallery.
  13. Or just watch some Disney shows.
  14. Write actual letters to family and friends whom you can’t see.
  15. Or FaceTime them, either way.
  16. Bake some goodies!
  17. Go sightseeing around the world with these virtual destinations, the web is endless!
  18. Re-do your room.
  19. Clean your room, either way.
  20. Dye your hair! If you need some sort of change.
  21. Color or draw.
  22. Go on Pinterest for a while to get inspiration.
  23. Binge watch some tv shows or movies.
  24. Make some Tik Toks.
  25. Or just watch them!
  26. Do a photoshoot, whether it be by yourself or outside or anywhere in the safety of your own home.
  27. Create a new food, and send me the recipe!
  28. You could try to cut your own hair or bangs. But then again….
  29. If you have your own pool, hot tub, etc. in your house, go swimming!
  30. Talk to your family! Enjoy this time with them.
  31. Go on a walk, or a run!
  32. Learn a new skill.
  33. Play with your pets.
  34. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day, please.
  35. Read a book!
  36. Change your eating habits.
  37. Go online shopping!
  38. Family game night, you could play on FaceTime, zoom, or if you are lucky enough, in person!
  39. Do some research, stay informed and educated on the virus.
  40. Do. Your. School. Work. It’s online! And I know that can be difficult and teachers are assigning 5 times the work, but remember they are understanding, and it takes determination to want to get it done!


It’s been a rough couple months, but we are hoping it will get better. It’s easy to get bored lately, there isn’t much to do because people basically don’t leave their house. But hopefully this article gives you a couple things to do!