Pandemic Hall of Fame

You can’t quarantine kindness.


A sweet man doing a sweet thing for his sweet wife.

Claire Maloney, Web Editor

Amid this crisis, it feels like we are in a constant state of worry and uncertainty every single day, but hope is not all lost, there are good people left in the world. Everyone could use some good news every once in a while. Therefore, the Pandemic Hall of Fame shall be created to commemorate all the good souls who have helped their community fight against our common enemy, Coronavirus. From making masks, to buying people groceries, to writing letters to those in nursing homes, it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

Health care workers

There is no arguing that healthcare workers should be first to enter the Pandemic Hall of Fame. They are on the frontlines of this pandemic and working long, hard hours to provide care to the growing number of patients, many of them getting sick themselves. Every time they go into work, they risk getting sick and every day they still walk through the doors.

Essential employees

Essential employees include everyone from grocery store workers to mailmen to farmers and many more. Just like healthcare workers they risk their health and safety daily to make sure we all have access to everything someone might need. Without these essential workers the country could very well fall apart and send the United States into a frenzy.


Bob Shellard, CT

Bob wasn’t allowed to visit his wife in her Connecticut nursing home, so instead he created a sign that states “I’ve loved you for 67 years and still do, happy anniversary.” Bob and many more are finding ways to bring joy to those in quarantine to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and important days. Bob still found a way to express his love to his wife, not all heroes wear capes, some come with balloons and a sign.



Staples Center

The stadium recently donated about 7000 pounds of food that would have otherwise been wasted due to the cancelled events to shelters in the area. This is a great way to save food that would have otherwise gone to waste while giving back to your community at the same time. The Staples Center made the list because they could have sold the product and made back some money lost but instead chose to give it away free of cost to those in need.



There are thousands more people who deserve to be on this list. People all around the world have come together to bring out the best in humanity and it is truly a great result. Everyone can have a positive on their community by making masks, donating supplies, or getting your neighbor groceries. It is great to see everyone’s true colors come out. At the very least, please do your best to stay in touch with those you love and make sure no one feels alone during this crazy time. You may be able to keep us all inside and away from each other, but no one, not even this disease we’ve all grown to hate, can quarantine kindness.

No food waste here!