These entries were found concerning the events that happened during quarantine.

This is the fearless leader of the squirrel army, Commander bushy-tail. Avoid contact at all cost!

This is the fearless leader of the squirrel army, Commander bushy-tail. Avoid contact at all cost!

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment/Editorials Editor

Entry #1- School has been closed for about two weeks now and I have so much free time on my hands. I hope we can get back to normal soon because I am definitely missing my close friends and I extremely want to enjoy the rest of my senior year; however, I’ll just have to spend my time home and keep busy, besides it’s not so bad, we have cute squirrels running around.


Entry #2- It’s been hard to sleep because of the squirrels that have been running on top of our roof, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Although Lucky, my dog, has had a problem getting used to me being home so often, he apparently values his alone time to the point that we made a schedule; he gets the TV on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Entry #3- It’s been three days and I’m starting to really miss my friends, and legitimate socializing. I know this quarantine thing will be over soon, but I am ready to go out and see some people who aren’t related to me. Plus, Lucky keeps beating me at crabble (I swear he’s cheating!)


Entry #4- Lucky and I aren’t talking to each other. He is a Scrabble cheater and hogs the TV just to put Paw Patrol on a constant loop. On top of Lucky and his selfish ways I have squirrels stomping on my roof all hours of the night, so I sent them a note written in squirrel for them to take their acorns elsewhere. I hope the message gets across.


Entry #5- I woke up this morning to find my shoes mutilated by no other but Lucky, I know he was the culprit, so I hid his favorite chew toy to show him who is boss, but he totally ate my online homework! I wonder if my teacher will believe me. I also got a letter back from the squirrels, and they said, “We aren’t going anywhere without a fight.” I feel quite provoked, this just might be an invitation to war.


Entry #6- Almost a week has gone by and I am convinced Lucky and the squirrels have joined forces against me, I heard them plotting in the backyard just before I was attacked by flying acorns. After the fiasco I am forced to take action and declare war, I need to mobilize, but it’s sad to say that Lucky and I are now on opposing sides of the war.


Entry #7- This is a message to my friends whom I miss so much and to my family whom I fought strongly for: if you are reading this, I have become a prisoner of war and the squirrels and dog have won. After reading this message see that it gets printed in the Talon newspaper or on the Talon web site, my story needs to be told.