Baking some brownies

Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

T-minus 4 hours to due date I reached out to my trusted peer Patrick Roghaar for insight regarding the “Cooking/Baking Story” I had seen floating around my Microsoft Teams and portal pages for the last couple days.  It was the final stand.  The end of the road.  Patrick kindly explained to me that we had to write a 500-word essay about us making food.  I will admit I was reluctant at first.  But after I remembered my not-so-hot grade in journalism class I was more motivated than ever to begin my cooking/baking journey.

Three and a half hours until turn in time, I burst from out of my room into the kitchen.  I am not big on cooking or a baking, so I had a little underdog mentality going into this.  Because this was for Mrs. Barbieri’s class OBVIOUSLY, I had to bake something.  I decided to go with my bread and butter, brownies.  I had only made them once or twice before, but I was very optimistic.  I began getting my ducks in a row, pan, bowl, measuring cups, brownie mix, etc.   Did I use brownie mix?  Yes.  Is that cheating?  Don’t know don’t care, if you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying hard enough.  I started by putting my mix into the bowl because I was nearly certain I had heard on some Food Network show that you are supposed to mix liquids into solids.  I then added my vegetable oil and cracked an egg for the mix.

Next, I added my water and began to mix.  I chose the fork as my mixing tool of choice because I thought the prongs may help me in some unforeseen way.  The mixture quickly thickened into a fudgy mushy mess.  Next step was to move this chocolate goop into my 8×8 glass pan.  This task proved to be the most taxing, as it was difficult to firmly grip the large glass bowl while scraping and scooping my mixture into the pan.  I decided to use a spoon to assist in my scooping needs.  After I had shifted the mixture to the best of my ability, I put the brownies in my already preheated oven and began my waiting game.

Upon my return to my room I had a terrible realization.  The cooking spray that was sitting on my countertop had gone unused throughout my entire escapade.  I set my timer for 42 minutes.  42 minutes until I had to face the music of my stuck-to-pan brownies.  The minutes ticked away as I caught up on some online work.

The anticipation was too much.  With about 30 seconds left I returned to my kitchen to see creation.  I opened the oven and used an awkwardly shaped oven mitt to carefully transfer my masterpiece to the stovetop.  I wasted no time.  Spatula in hand, it was time.  There was so much pressure riding on these brownies.  I couldn’t disappoint Mrs. Barbs.  It was now or never.

Immaculate.  The flavors.  The textures.  All my hard work had payed off.  The brownies came right out of the pan no problem, begging the question, is cooking spray a scam?  Certainly, a question for another day.  All in all, this was a positive experience and in all honesty was probably one of the most real-world applicable assignments I have done in my four years of high school.