Quarantine cooking


Finished product.

Reece Marley, Staff Writer

Quarantine cooking started off by coming up with an idea of something that I have never cooked before. I am not much of a cook at all; the only thing I have really attempted at this point in my life is pancakes and eggs. I pretty much know how to put stuff in the microwave, but that is about it. Most of the cooking in my family is done by my father; my mom rarely cooks and when she does the food usually does not come out like it’s supposed too.

On today’s episode of Cooking with the Marleys I will be preparing chili for the rest of my family and my grandparents. My father will be helping me to make sure I do not undercook the meat and or burn myself on the stove. I decided to make chili because it really is not that hard; it just takes time to do it. Another reason is because I am getting ready to go to college and I need to be able to make some food on my own. Chili is an excellent dish because it will be an easy thing for me to make for the cold weather in the winter in Cleveland. I will be using 2 cans of dark kidney beans, 2 cans of light kidney beans, 2 large cans of tomato sauce, 1 can of diced tomatoes, 2 pounds of ground beef, 2 packets of chili seasoning mix, an onion, and a green pepper. There will also be cheese for an additional topping for the chili.

First, I started out by cooking the ground sirloin in a pan on the stovetop. I cooked and continued to stir and chop until the meat turned brown. I then added all the beans, tomato sauce, and chili mix to a big pot and then put all the ground beef into the pot as well once it was done cooking. Before putting the ground beef, I used a strainer to get all the grease out, so I did not put it into the big pot. After putting the beef in the pot, it is pretty much a waiting game from there. I would often go over and stir it up to make sure it would not all settle. At this point in time I just had to wait for it to heat up completely. I proceeded to cut the onion while I was waiting, and this was by far the worst part of the cooking experience. I cannot stand when onions make your eyes water.

Overall, the cooking process went well. I did not burn the house down and other than taking a decent amount of time it was easy.  I got many great reviews around the dinner table. Everybody seemed to be enjoying one of my first new meals. I would have liked to have added some jalapenos to the chili because I like spicy stuff; however, the rest of my family does not. This may or may not be the last meal I cook in quarantine because I am hoping it will be all over soon. Eating at home and not being on the go all the time is killing me!

The beginning steps of cooking.