Who wants s’more ice cream?

All the magic of a campfire classic in ice cream.

All the magic of a campfire classic in ice cream.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

With quarantine, and literally nothing to do, this assignment was the perfect opportunity to do what my little sister and I have done a million times. Make desserts. And it’s no easy task- first thing we had to do was take a household vote. What kind of ice cream should we make. Double chocolate? Cookies and cream? Mint? No, no no. Those were all wrong. The household voted s’mores. Ava and I looked at each other and thought, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”


We have owned a homemade ice cream machine for a while now and have been slowly working our way up to the more challenging recipes. Graham crackers, chocolate chips, fluff (basically melted marshmallow in a jar), etc. were all added proportionately. One cup chips, 6 crushed up crackers, basically whatever the directions told us to do. We ended up off track and seemingly adding too much of one thing or another. But what’s cooking or baking without making one mistake!



So, when my little sister went to go pour the mixture in- she forgot that there is a two layer bowl. She had only put on, causing it to leak out EVERYWHERE. After chasing my dog out of the kitchen and many, many, many rags, we were back to square one, restarting the whole ice cream. At that moment we knew we had to keep going! We had to give the people of the house what they wanted! S’mores ice cream. So we persevered. And did it all over again. After pouring it the correct way, we let it freeze/chill for longer than we should have honestly. We were busy riding on our longboards.


But still! It was done, and it was beautiful. A true work of art. And a solid 8/10 from the house, which is the highest we have gotten so far! Until next time this is another cooking in quarantine with Lauren and her little sister Ava!