Culinary creations: sandwich style

The art of sandwich-making is one of utter elegance.


A rare, 1/1 photo of the delectable creation I toasted up to perfection.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor


If quarantine has taught me one thing over the past month and a half, it most certainly would be that I do not thrive in an online learning environment. In addition to this, having so much time in the house has led me to pick up and refine a skill that I have always had a knack for but never took quite seriously: the art of sandwich making. Making a sandwich is seen as a simple task to many, but those people will soon be educated on the exquisite delicacies a truly well-made sandwich has to offer.

My dish for the day came with a simple cast of ingredients: Oven roasted turkey and provolone cheese, spiced up with some pepperoni and salami to add an extra kick, all wrapped in two pieces of whole grain wheat bread. The distribution and scaling of ingredients was simple; at this point in my career I have mastered the art of properly proportioning cold cuts and sandwich toppings. After having fully assembled my creation, this was where the real loving began. Oven mitts were put on, paper plates were brought out, and I slid my prized possession into the toaster oven which was preheated to a scorching 350 degrees. From this point on, the magic truly began to take place.

My baking/toasting setup is a precise one, as evidenced by the fact that I just called it a baking/toasting setup. I do not simply leave the sandwich baking on 350 degrees the whole time, as although that would get the job done, when I first tried heating it in that manner it always felt as if it was missing something. However, upon trying to heat up a sandwich using exclusively the toast setting, it would come out perfectly charred on the outsides, but cold and disappointing on the insides and center. As I assessed these two failures, I wondered how I could possibly conjure up a result that combines the best of both trials while eliminating the problems present, and then it hit me: that is exactly what I have to do! Quickly, I crafted the sandwich I was planning to eat on that day, and then slid it into the toaster oven preheated up to 350 degrees. After about six minutes, or roughly 2/3 of the baking time, I switched from the baking setting to the toast setting, and let it sit for another three to four minutes before taking it out. That was the short story on how I discovered this beautiful baking/toasting setup, and you can be certain that It was used once again during today’s creation. After the 10 minutes or so the sandwich spent in the toaster oven, I pulled it out to reveal yet another perfectly heated creation. And as for a finishing touch, I grabbed an extra packet of Chick-fil-A sauce from my fridge I had saved from the last time I ate there and added a smooth layer of sauce on top of all the perfectly toasted ingredients. This sandwich was truly one fit for a king, or in this case a bored and hungry high schooler.