My dog Wrigley

He’s not called “the Don” for no reason.


This is Wrigley playing in the pool.

Josh Pigozzo, Staff Writer

Wrigley could be one of the most interesting dogs in the world.  He’s a black lab who is now just over a year old that we took in from a family that unfortunately couldn’t care for him anymore.  My brother jokingly gave him the title of “the don,” which was used by a rapper and it refers to someone who gains the respect of many people, basically the leader.  He is very unpredictable and quite frankly confusing.  But, there is one thing that is known for sure; he lives up to his name.


We got Wrigley as a young puppy from a family that had to abruptly move away which left them with the only option of giving him to another home.  We gladly took him in and we were thrilled to have him.  We were worried at first because we got him with a bad cough, but that was no match for him and has been healthy ever since.  We decided to name him Wrigley after the stadium of our favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.


He was a very timid puppy and would hide from any object that was foreign to him.  But, he quickly learned all of his training and learned to sit, dap you up, and was potty trained nearly instantaneously.  There is no doubt that my dog eats.  We had to get him a special bowl so that he doesn’t eat too much too fast and the vet warned us that he would quickly become obese.


It took him a few months for him to come out of his shell.  He began to become very energetic and then loved to play.  Our relationship started shaky because he chewed up three pairs of my shoes, two pairs of $150 ear buds, and my $180 baseball sunglasses which did not make me happy.  He was terrified of water which was unusual for a lab.  However, one day he unexpectedly jumped in the pool with us and he has loved to swim with us ever since.  We recently realized that he also loves to be on the water and is always ecstatic to come to the beach or kayaking with us.  There, he is endlessly chasing whatever he thinks he can catch.  One day while fishing ourselves, Wrigley, to our surprise, somehow managed to catch a fish himself and proudly brought it to us.


It’s funny to watch him because sometimes he’s a little awkward and clumsy.  He’s consistently running into windows and falling in the pool while chasing lizards and squirrels.  There is nothing stopping that little guy.  With plenty of time on our hands during quarantine, we have been trying to teach him to use a longboard.  He’s still not the best due to his lack of coordination and many times has to drag the board to catch up to us.


He’s demands to be the center of attention and immediately has everyone’s heart the second they meet him.  If you ever greet him then you can ask him to, and he will love to stand up and give you a big hug.