Best restaurant deals that you need to try out


Delicious tacos that you can get at good price at Tijuana Flats or Moe’s.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

I, along with, a lot of people out there are very frugal, and want to save as much money as possible. It has been a weird year this year for us high schoolers since lunch is at the end of the day, and the majority of students don’t even stay. Some of these kids go out for lunch every day, and if you can also save money then that’s a win-win. I’ve listed some of the best deals for our local restaurants, and some of them you probably have heard, but some of them you haven’t.

Starting off we have the pair of $5 pizza deals. One of the more well-known pizza restaurants and they’re associated with having hot and ready food as soon as you enter the restaurant, and it’s Little Caesars. You can get any large pizza for $5, and it’s around 8 slices. The other pizza restaurant is our local restaurant Vetture’s. Their good deal is two very large slices and a large soda for $5. It’s definitely enough to feed one person, and the pizza is delicious as well.

We now transition to our Mexican restaurants. Moe’s has one of the more known deals with its Moe’s Monday. For $6, you can get a burrito, chips, and a drink. It’s hard to find anyone that dislikes Moe’s, and this deal makes everything a whole lot better. I asked William Haddad, a senior at East Lake High school, on his opinions about Moe’s. He stated “Moe’s Monday helps me get rid of my Monday blues.” The other restaurant is Tijuana Flats with their Taco Tuesday special. It’s two tacos, chips, and a drink. Tijuana Flats is one of the more underrated Mexican restaurants, and I even like it more than Moe’s.

Possibly the two best deals on this list are Steak n’ Shake and Chili’s. Steak n’ Shake’s deal is the double patty burger that comes with fries and a milkshake for only $4. Steak n’ Shake is one of the better “fast food” restaurants in almost all aspects. The Chili’s deal is unique and is a very good one. For $10, you can get a full entrée, an appetizer, and a drink. This deal is called 3 for $10, and contains more food than the rest.

Finally, with the last two restaurants they are Buffalo Wild Wings and Outback. Buffalo Wild Wings has their specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays with it being double wing days. If you buy 20 wings then you get 40 wings for the price of 20. On Tuesday, it works for traditional wings, and Thursday is for boneless wings. For Outback the deal on Wednesday is steak, fries, and a drink for $10, and the deal is called Wednesday walkabout. It’s a great deal for the middle of the week.

These kids need to eat something during the week, and some of these options could definitely be used. A good week could be Moe’s on Monday, Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday, Outback on Wednesday, Stake n’ Shake on Thursday, and one of the pizza restaurants on Friday. Now that’s a good week.