Claws vs. paws

A debate lasting through the ages!


Sarah Rose Thompson

On the left we have a month old kitten seeing the outside world from afar. . On the right we have a 2 year old dog acting all fancy, which one do you prefer.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to decide…cats or dogs? Though it is a popular opinion, dogs are almost always picked as the pet favorite; however, do they really deserve that title? I did my research and found lots of information deemed worthy to enter into this argument to get the most accurate results.


Here are the Pros and Cons of having a Dog:

Pros- They’re loyal, provide protection, cuddle buddy, good with kids, and a part of the family.

Cons- Need to be taken on frequent walks, get smelly, shed, many are allergic to them, need training, damage clothing (shoes), need to be taken to vet, can scare you at night, and need special arrangements when travelling with or without them.


Here are the Pros and Cons of having a Cat

Pros- Litter box means no walking them, they are independent for the most part and low maintenance, do funny things, possibly kill pests, their purring has been proven to heal, soft fur, easy to deal with when traveling without them, and cuddles.

Cons- Special arrangements when travelling with them, the litter box will smell if left unchecked, picky, damage furniture, many are allergic to them, vomit, hairballs, bite/scratch, wake you up at night, and need to be taken to the vet.



Although, dogs do get some discrimination, some breeds of dogs are left alone just because they are considered a “dangerous breed,” even though there are many dogs who aren’t in that breed who are just as violent or more so. Most dogs are nice and lovable, so don’t count them out just yet, since they’ve got a lot of love they want to share with everyone. Even if they’re a one-person kind of dog, they still love to get attention just as much as all the rest. And if you’re a person who likes to go on walks or is just looking for a reason to be outside, a dog may just be your favorite of the two. Anthony Michel, a senior at East Lake, made it clear that dogs were the best. “I like dogs because they truly are a man’s best friend, more interactive, more active and willing and able to do stuff with you like hunting or playing in a field and if need be defend you,” he stated. They can also scare off any suspicious looking people, even if you are just at home, what are the odds a burglar is gonna see a dog and continue to break in, unless they came prepared with some treats, they may be running for their lives in the end.


While there are many cons for both of these two animals (one more on cats than dogs), the pros are short for the dogs, and the pros are long for the cats. Though they have some of the same pros and cons, there may be some pros that one may view as a cons and vice versa; so it’s a matter of opinion at that point. Angelika Zawojek a senior at East Lake, states her opinion on cats, “Bruh, cats are better because they’re small and cute.” Many tend to turn away from cats thinking they’re mean and unsociable, though there may be many like that, there are just as many who are loving and playful. Although this can be said for dogs as well as people, not every species is exactly the same in personality, so now that we can ‘scratch’ that out.


It was left out of the pros list, but cats can sometimes be a more reliable form of protection, depending on the cat; and since it’s small and easy to manage. It has been seen many times, when a dog attacks a little child and the cat runs into the rescue chasing off the dog. So some may be the definition of a scaredy cat, and some may turn a dog into one, in the end it changes from cat to cat.


In the article ‘Pet Ownership Statistics’, they compare the charts of dog owners and cat owners from 2000 to 2017, and not a single year were there more dog owners than cats. Starting at 73 million cats owners and 68 million dog owners in 2000, and ending with 94.2 cat owners and 89.7 million dog owners in 2017.


So, now that I’ve shown you the facts and data, has your opinion changed or stayed the same, in the end it still comes down to preference. Though I hope this may have helped to widen people’s eyes to all the truths about which one is truly better.