Paws on the table

The truth about your cat


There can be peace in the world!

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

If you’ve got a feline friend at home, you may be wondering why they’re so distant, and always glaring. Well those, my friends, aren’t glares; it’s kitten kisses. Many people think that when a cat licks another cat or person, that’s a kiss, but it’s not; it’s just cleaning them. The real kisses are in the eyes. This isn’t the only misconstrued thought about cats out there, so we’re gonna tell you the reality of the situation. Sean Ross, a  junior at East Lake High, mentioned, “They’re great companions while being furry little jerks at the same time.”  So even some people who like cats still have some misconceptions about them.


Another misconception about cats is that they only care about themselves, but there have been multiple accounts of cats protecting or even saving their owner’s life. One such situation is when 4-year-old Jeremy was riding his bike in the driveway, the neighbor’s dog, came up behind him, and attacked. The family cat rushed to the rescue the boy, by jumping in the air to kick it off of him, then chased it out of the driveway, and immediately went back to see if Jeremy was alright. And this isn’t the first time a cat has saved its owner’s life; there are many different records of a similar situation happening where cats have saved their owners from a dog, a heart attack, and even once a volcano.


The unsociable cat is a big misconception; in fact, most cats are super social, but some of the wild ones you may see are extremely territorial, or just don’t understand that you want to be their friend. And if there’s an unsocial house cat that could be due to being abused, neglect, or a traumatic experience that happened when it was just a kitten.

The last one that will be mentioned is the classic cats hate dogs, and vice versa. Yes, many do, but it’s not in their nature, there have been hundreds of thousands of reports of cats and dogs getting along, and even some dogs raising a kitten, or a kitten raising a dog, and they just forever think that they are the wrong animal. Once example is a husky named Tally, who thinks that she is a cat, and tucks her arms in like a cat, while hiding under things like tables and tries to get under the couches. Tally even likes to occasionally hide inside of boxes. And like it was mentioned earlier, there are many cases like this around the world. So, now that you’ve heard some of the falsities about cats, has your opinion about them changed in any way, or did you already know about these things?