Interesting facts you’ve never known


Your mind is blown after hearing these facts.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

As we get older and older, we start to develop a better understanding of the world. You know the old saying “you learn something new every day,” well it actually would apply here. Now enjoy some mind-blowing facts.

A consensus around sharks is that they have extremely strong and scary teeth, but actually, humans’ teeth are just as strong. Now clearly sharks have sharper, larger, and more teeth in general; but humans have equally strong teeth. Both humans and sharks have a unique micro and nanostructure in their teeth to cause it. Humans have hydroxyapatite in their teeth, while sharks have fluorapatite; and they both cause the slight softness.

People do know that many colleges have been around for a long time, but University of Oxford was teaching in 1096. To put that into perspective, it is significantly older than the Aztecs and Machu Picchu. That is honestly insane that a college in the 11th century is still standing, and Oxford is known as one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Truly remarkable how old the college is.

Platypus have been somewhat known for being a “cute” or soft creature, but make no mistake that their sting is as painful as one can experience. No one knows much about the platypus outside of those in Australia, but the sting is described as hundreds oh hornet stings. There has never been a registered death caused by platypus, but I can leave you incapacitated for long periods of time. Maybe Perry the Platypus wasn’t so nice after all.

Once night time hits, you can see so many stars in the sky, and it is too many to count. There actually are more trees in the world than stars in the Milky Way. With there being around 3 trillion trees in the world it heavily outweighs the billions of stars out there. People are aware of the large number of stars out there, but I think the total amount of trees is overlooked.

As much information as you probably know, some interesting facts may surprise you. It is definitely key to learn as much as humanly possible. Maybe you can tell your friends some of these facts and blow their minds.