The 4 for 4 is no more. The Pretzel Burger is here


Senior AJ Hogan digs into the Wendy’s Pretzel burger that he fantasized about all day.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The Wendy’s 4 for 4 deal has dominated Wendy’s menu and its competitors in the past and has seen returning customers marvel at its greatness. The deal includes a cheeseburger (or chicken sandwich), four nuggets, fries, and drink, all for just $4. Wendy’s set the standard high for their customers, so high that many doubted they would ever be able to top the ingenious idea that unfolded as the 4 for 4. Then, on the morning of September 1, Wendy’s announced the drop of the new Pretzel Burger, and the world was never the same.

The addition of the Pretzel Burger seemingly took the public by storm. This new burger was immediately being compared to the 4 for 4 deal and arguably beats out its friendly competitor. The new burger features a quarter pounder with bacon, honey mustard, fried onions, pickles, and a slice of muenster cheese. Not to mention the entire thing is topped off with a creamy beer cheese sauce and coupled with a warm, soft pretzel bun that adds a salty contrast to the meal. The minds behind this genius design certainly outdid themselves with this creation.

With the 4 for 4 already being on top of the fast-food game, Wendy’s new addition of the Pretzel Burger further distances themselves from competition such as McDonald’s or Burger King. Wendy’s seemingly aims to obliterate all competition with their new incomparable burger. They have even dropped a new line of breakfast to compete with the well-known McDonald’s breakfast. Other fast-food places including McDonald’s and Burger King surely must be worried at Wendy’s fast paced and quality ideas, but we are here simply for the Pretzel burger, so let us not get sidetracked.

The Pretzel Burger weighs in at $5.39. This price may seem rather hefty but for the quality of the burger and the sensation on the taste buds it is worth it. The burger, with all its components, contains an upwards of 2000 calories. The daily recommended is not far off but that does not stop people from devouring this delicious delicacy. The burger comes in a variety of meals and varying styles. One can customize the burger to make it a double or even a triple, which doesn’t help the calorie count very much. The burger can also be combined to make combos such as the #8 or #11 (with chicken) which both include fries and a drink.

AJ Hogan, senior, was asked about his experience with the Pretzel Burger and his response was nothing short of captivating. Hogan named the burger “the peak of human innovation and culinary achievement … with every bite packing immaculate flavor and unparalleled taste.” Hogan has made time for the burger in his schedule and has visited Wendy’s three times in the past two weeks. “I almost crashed my car eating it,” Hogan jokes, “would’ve been worth it for another bite.” The Pretzel Burger has taken its toll on Hogan as he has now emersed himself in the delicious beer cheese sauce and is fading in and out of reality, craving the one thing that can bring him to his senses, the Wendy’s Pretzel Burger.

No one would have thought that 2020, with all its complications, could have brought possibly the greatest fast-food burger to mankind. Especially no one thought that the 4 for 4 deal would ever be beat.  But now, with the drop of this new masterful invention, Wendy’s aims to end 2020 on the right foot and raise the standards in the fast-food game, one Pretzel Burger at a time.