Who wants to party?

This is a party at FSU.

This is a party at FSU.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

After high school, you can immediately go to college, meaning college is not that far away. Kids are filling out their applications and looking at schools that would fit their major. While all those things are important, I think kids aren’t thinking about one factor, and that’s partying. I’ve ranked the top three-party schools in Florida to maybe add a little extra element when deciding which university you should attend.

At number three we have UCF, home of the Knights. UCF being located in Orlando helps out its track record, and it’s also the biggest campus in all of Florida. This would allow lots of available options on a Saturday night regarding how many kids could throw parties on those nights. Many UCF students actually claim that they throw the best parties in the whole state, which could certainly be up for discussion. UCF is a big campus and Orlando is a big city; what could go wrong?

At number three we have UF, home of the Gators. UF and the number one-party school in Florida have actually both been ranked in the top 20 in the whole country for partying, so they certainly know their stuff. UF as well has a large campus with a good mold of intellects and athletes. With having some of the most well-known fraternities, that could only result in some great parties. Being that UF is the best school academically, it is extremely impressive that they also have been ranked very highly from a national standpoint.

Coming in at number one would be FSU, home of the Seminoles. They are located in the state’s capital Tallahassee, and boy do they know how to party. They are talked about heavily as one of the best schools nationally for partying, and that reputation has been going on for years. With the school being dominated by fraternities and sororities, there simply wouldn’t be another outcome other than this. They party whenever they want with news breaking out recently that there was a party at FSU containing more than 1000 students. This probably isn’t the best idea during the pandemic especially since over 1,400 students have already tested positive there, but the students at FSU live and breathe partying. Lots of students are probably attending parties rather than football games on Saturdays judging on how they’ve performed these last few years.

If partying is your thing than maybe give UCF, UF, or FSU a chance at attending their university. Florida has a reputation of doing stupid stuff, and stupid stuff might just lead to an enjoyable time. If you are really curious on what the top party school in the country is, try out Arizona State.