Matching holiday pajamas are a move


Cute designs for all the family!

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

Don’t get me wrong, we all love pajamas. I mean, they are comfy and fashionable; how could you go wrong with that? But there is something even better than pajamas, and that is matching pajamas! It’s now closer to the holiday season. Many places are selling matching pajamas for the family, or even your significant other. These make the cutest addition to the joy of the holiday season.


One place that sells matching pajamas is Kohl’s. Kohls sells sets, including long sleeve button up shirts and long pants. These sets come in all sizes, from infant sizes to sizes for adults. These sets usually sell anywhere from $15.40-$37.80. The styles range with all different types of holiday patterns, like plaid design, and shirts and pants with snowmen, reindeer and more.


Target also sells matching pajama sets. If you’ve got dogs, you can go ahead and include them in the fun. Several of the pajamas at Target have smaller sizes for all your four-legged family members. The dog pajamas range from $10-$15. They come in many designs as well as the human pajamas. Matching sets at Target range from infant to human size and are about $20-$25.


You could even go basic and just grab matching pajama pants. Many stores such as Walmart, Target, and many online stores sell festive pants for this Christmas. They are usually very cheap and range from $10-$20 per pair. It’s a cozy way to get into the holiday season.


What do other people think about matching pajamas? Senior Jacob Reiter has an “utter look of disappointment in his mask.” Must mean he’s not fond of matching pajamas. Senior Sarah Thompson says that “matching pajamas are adorable and everyone should have them.” So this is your sign! Go out and buy matching pajamas for you and your family, significant other, and even for your dog!