Holidays during the pandemic


A family celebrating the holidays over a video call meeting

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

As the holidays approach, many people are still trying to figure out how they will celebrate the holidays during this pandemic. Many families are hesitant to have large family gatherings as they normally would in fear of catching and spreading the coronavirus.

People going to family gatherings for this holiday season should practice social distancing guidelines by staying six feet apart, wearing masks, and holding the gathering outside if possible. Make sure that everyone washes their hands before and after they eat, and hand sanitizer is kept and used throughout the gathering. Getting tested for the coronavirus before attending the family gathering is also a great safety measure, as it ensures that no one with the virus will be attending.

But recently, technology has shown that we can celebrate the holidays through applications such as Zoom and Facetime. Having family gatherings to celebrate the holidays over Zoom is by far the safest way to celebrate the holidays. People can wear holiday themed clothes, cook and bake, and do other festive activities while on the Zoom call, so they could still celebrate with their families, while also staying safe and healthy. There are still tons of ways that people are able to celebrate the holiday season while staying home, and gathering in large groups is not needed to have a great holiday season.

While celebrating the holidays without your family can be difficult, it is important to keep a positive attitude so the holidays can still be enjoyed. Although the holidays may be different than they normally are this year, it will be a unique experience for everyone, and there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday season.