2021: a new chapter


NYE ball drop at Times Square.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

There’s only one way to explain 2020, a trainwreck. I think most people were stoked to go into 2021 and start fresh. The goal is to make this year better than last year. I was on YouTube and got a notification for this live stream, https://youtu.be/Zt0EUo174_I

This featured book artist Kierra Sheard, she talks about her prayers and declarations in this live stream for 2021. Something that I really admire about her is her determination and her love for Jesus. Just as everyone should, she sets her goals and plans for herself. The one thing we humans need most this year are prayers. We need to pray for ourselves, for each other, for the world.

This world is starving for equality and to feel loved. Swimming Olympic champion Cody Miller recently posted a video on his YouTube channel about his goals for 2021. https://youtu.be/y4Hm63wwdGs

Miller says in this video “I want to represent hope in dark times. When life gets hard, I want to be the person that illuminates the light at the end of the tunnel.” This really stood out to me because I know there are so many determined people out in the world that can make a difference. Especially being an athlete, the most important thing is mind over matter.

What are high schoolers striving to do this New Year? Senior Elijah Vega says, “I want to gain confidence and continue to be the happiest and healthiest version of me possible.” Senior Holden Bingman says, “I am so passionate about music, I want to finish up my songs and possibly get a recording out for everyone to hear.” My goal for this new year is to continue to spread joy to everyone. I want to be the best version of me that I possibly can. I continue to strive and try with everything that I do. With positive minds, we can make 2021 the best year yet.