Mission Impossible: hamster edition


The tiny hamster braved the cold wrath of Scotland in order to satisfy a late night craving.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

In Scotland, a pet hamster had its own mission impossible run in the freezing cold weather. A shopper’s pet hamster jumped out of their bag unnoticed and began trudging in the negative five-degree weather. For such a small creature this journey could have easily been its last, but the hamster had its eyes set on one prize, the candy store.

The hamster has been given the name of Tom Cruise for his adrenaline filled stunt he performed on New Year’s. The hamster was seen on footage jumping off his owner just outside the candy shop and making its way inside. Officials are still currently looking for the owner and say the hamster is in good health. It is still bizarre how the creature sustained no permanent injuries because of the extreme weather but that seemingly went unnoticed to the creature as it simply wanted some candy. At this time, it is unknown if the hamster ever got his/her candy and if the trip was worth it.

The main officer involved, Amy Sirton, said this was a befitting way to end 2020. That is, with the search for the owner of a candy hungry hamster. Sirton is close to finding the little guys owner and returning this brave soul back to his/her rightful home. Clearly, candy is a top priority for the hamster and in the future, the owner might want to keep a closer eye on their pet. Hamster’s typically do not fare well in cold environments so to everyone’s surprise, this one braved the journey and made it out alive. All for candy, which is a very bad treat for hamsters to begin with.

With 2020 coming to an end, it comes to no surprise that this little hamster’s adventure would close off the year. One hamster risking it all for some candy seems the perfect way to transition to a new year in 2021, hopefully one that begins with this hamster being reunited with their family.