The fashion of Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Some of the fashion, including the new First Ladys coat, made quite the Inauguration Day splash.

Some of the fashion, including the new First Lady’s coat, made quite the Inauguration Day splash.

On January 20th, 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president
of the United States. A fantastic day for American democracy but even a
better day for fashion apparently. During the inauguration I was drawn in by
some of the made by the attendees. Some are describing this to be the
most fashionable inauguration in American history. And I for one, agree.
The crowd favorite seems to be Michelle Obama’s monochromatic purple
outfit. She was dressed in a plum pantsuit designed by Sergio Hudson with
Stuart Weitzman boots with a statement belt. It was quite the powerful
outfit. It basically stole the show (and many American’s hearts).
Personally I enjoyed Natalie Biden’s stunning high fashion look. If I had to choose an
outfit to wear, this would probably be my choice. She has a long pink coat on with a
matching pink mask and scarf. She is also wearing chic brown heeled boots. A fashion icon, to say the least.

Then, of course, the new First Lady herself, Dr. Jill Biden with her blue look. I really like
the turquoise shade she chose with some faint sparkles mixed in her coat for a little bit
of an extra pop. Her dress and mask match her coat perfectly.

Bill Clinton’s outfit confused me. Normal suit, BUT THE MASK?? Is this a children’s
mask? Hillary’s mask? Who made this man wear this?? Did he forget his?? I don’t know.
It has shimmering stars and is very tiny. Not quite sure why he couldn’t find a leftover
hospital mask anywhere…

And last but not least, my personal favorite, Bernie Sanders. He really stole the
show with his oddly casual outfit topped off with some mittens. We know it was
very cold in D.C. that day, and he is all bundled up. This outfit inspired memes
across the internet. I forgot how strong meme culture was before this moment.