Hunt for a dress


Lulus, one of the websites with free returns, has dresses at a decent price and an easy-to-use website.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

With graduation coming up, most girls should be trying to figure out what to wear. It’s easy for boys since they all pretty much wear the same black pants and white shirt. But for girls, those who wear a dress that is, it’s probably time to start looking, if they already haven’t. You’ll want the dress to be flattering but still modest, and the hardest part, white.  Finding a dress that fits well and is right for the occasion is hard enough, and while white dresses are common, finding any dress one particularly likes in a certain color is always difficult. And, finding one that someone else hopefully doesn’t have makes it even harder. Though here at East Lake, everyone wears blue gowns now so I’m not sure that wearing a white dress is required anymore, but it’s still most common and traditional to wear white.

Even though COVID restrictions are not as harsh, many stores still have their fitting rooms closed. So how do you find a dress that looks good if you don’t know what it looks like? One has to buy it and bring it home and possibly have to return it or find a store that has fitting rooms open. Or, there’s always the option of getting one online. In this day and age, online shopping is the biggest form of shopping and it’s be the most likely way to find a dress one truly likes. There are much more options as one can look at many different stores to find that perfect dress. The only problem is that some don’t do free returns, and it’s a gamble whether or not the dress will be flattering on. There’s also the option, if there’s free returns, to simply buy many dresses and return all the ones not wanted. Stores like Lulus are good for that. As long as the shipping time is in enough time for graduation, that’s probably the best option. There’s still a month and a half until graduation, but considering the time it takes to get things, it’s best to start looking now.