Taking it back


Very cool style of the Converse All Star sneakers. Showing the different colors and simple design that makes them the shoe of the century. The one shoe that can be used for many activities.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

Converse All Star Shoes have a very simple design yet they are loved by different generations. In 1917 Converse All Star made its debut and were originally targeted at athletes. Not only were they athletic but people specifically used them for basketball.

It wasn’t until 1980s and 1990s, though, that they got all the popularity from society. People would use them to fit the retro fashion style that was popular then. Not only would it be very popular among the young generation then but among artists and musicians of the era. The members of Green Day would wear the famous high tops, Kurt Cobain from Nirvana wore them, James Hetfield from Metallica, Winona Ryder, etc. Many iconic people from that era helped expand the trend.

Today’s young generation is reverting back to the old fashions but a little more modern. Generation Z being a generation that loves the 80s despite not being alive during it has brought new fashion styles back like the mom jeans, high waisted jeans, Converse, and many others. But they bring a modern style as the hairstyles aren’t similar, the colors being used are different, and the pants have designs that fit today’s era.

While Generation Z is a generation born into technology and modern world, they still manage to bring back fashion and styles and make it an aesthetic other want to follow. That being said many companies have thrived due to the new mindset, one being Converse.

Many artists in today’s world have collaborated with Converse furthering their popularity. Millie Bobby Brown, a celebrity known for her role in Stranger Things, a show that is based in the 80s, has a full collaboration with Converse. She has a design that’s from her and it easily attracts Generation Z as she is also a part of it. With its design celebrating female empowerment, self-expression and progress, the shoe features two hands holding each other by the pinky.

There are many contributions to why Converse have been so popular lately. The new aesthetics that has been circulating and the reversal of fashion trends have made an impact and have included Converse All Stars in it.