What is it about Squishmallows?

Why is there so much hype surrounding these stuffed animals?

So many choices with so many shapes and sizes.

So many choices with so many shapes and sizes.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

In 2017 Squishmallow were released, a new line of squishy stuffed animals. Now, in 2021, they are everywhere. And good luck finding them; nowadays, they go out of stock as soon as they release. They are seriously that popular, because now only four years later, it is hard to find a young person without one somewhere in their bedroom.


The stuffed toys are best described as both adorable and unbelievably soft. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are animals, food, objects, and even characters like Baby Yoda and Mickey Mouse available in Squishmallow form. In just three years, more than 50 million Squishmallows have been sold worldwide. To put it in perspective, Webkinz stuffed toys hit their 1 million sold mark in a similar time frame. crazy stuff. But there is a valid reasoning! Webkinz was basically only centered for children while Squishmallows have become collectables for all ages. Stuffed animals can help people of any age cope with stress and anxiety, and people search for comfort during the uncertainty of a pandemic. An adorable stuffed companion might be just what you need to help make it through.


Squishmallows are more than just cute—they have so much personality. On the tag of each stuffed animal is not only a name, but an in-depth life story of the toy’s personality. For example, Leonard the lion is passionate about vegetarianism, and Tristan is a dinosaur, but also a personal trainer. Bobby the bunny even goes by they/them pronouns, and so much more. And ya know, maybe you don’t care all that much for strawberries, but after reading Scarlett’s tag and discovering she’s a devoted theatre kid just like you, at only $10, how can you leave her behind?


These stuffed animals have changed the world, and personally, I have been sucked in. If I see a Squishmallow at Walgreens, I at least always consider buying it. And Squishmallows aren’t going away anytime soon.  They release new Squishmallows every month. No matter your age, these stuffed animals provide a sense of comfort. I think honestly one of the best trends of 2020-1.