A COVID-friendly guide of what to do this summer

June 9th is only 47 days away!

If the watermelon can wear a mask, you can too.

If the watermelon can wear a mask, you can too.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of being done with notes, tests, and overall school itself is sounding pretty good right now. And as the date inches closer and closer, the more I wonder, what is there to do this summer? Here is a helpful guide if you are wondering that too!


  1. Have a picnic!

Last summer charcuterie boards were all the hype. Grab some friends, a blanket, wear a cute outfit and have a picnic! It’s a memory you will definitely never forget! The beach, the park, or even just in your backyard! You can have a picnic anytime, and anywhere.


  1. Drive in movie theater

Now I know that it is not common to have a drive-in movie theater; the closest one is in Tampa, which is a bit of a drive. But genuinely, I think drive in movies make me appreciate the movie ten times more than I would in a theater. And if nothing else, Netflix is always a click away.


  1. Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard

The Florida springs are open! They are always available at the ready and it’s super easy to rent whatever you need. It’s a good idea if you want to get outdoors!


  1. Get vaccinated.

Now this one, will make your summer even more fun! Getting vaccinated has become easier and easier; it is available to 16 and older now. It’s a step toward what we have all been missing this past year. Make the effort & be responsible this summer!


Whatever you do this summer be safe and be smart! Wear a mask if necessary and remember to wash your hands!