Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Pumpkin season is back and better than ever at Starbucks!


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Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, and everyone across the world, I am ecstatic to tell you that pumpkin season is back! As a newly pronounced green bean myself this is exciting news. If you don’t know, a green bean is a new Starbucks barista. And although, I have only been working there for three months, I think I’ve got the drinks down pat. And after my fall training I awaited August 24th, when pumpkin spice and everything nice was back in season.


Now, before I worked at Starbucks I stuck to my regular. I never went outside my comfort zone or tried anything new. That is including the pumpkin spice. I know. I know. Shocking. How can one just never try one of the biggest hyped up drinks at Starbucks? Before last week, I had never tasted the hype. Now, as I’m sitting here writing this article, I’m drinking a pumpkin cream cold brew. So clearly, it lives up to the hype.


If pumpkin isn’t your thing, weird. But, we also have the new in season, apple crisp macchiato. BEAUTIFUL! It has the most amazing flavor and the apple spice drizzle is just built to perfection. Also, if you enjoy the whole pumpkin spice flavor, we also have pumpkin muffins, filled with cream cheese, which are my favorite. Pumpkin scones, which are also very good. And the fox cake pop is back, always a family favorite. For the pumpkin drinks, let your imagination run wild. You can get any drink with pumpkin cold foam on top, adding a bit of fall flavor to your favorites.


All I have to say, as a Starbucks barista myself, is do yourself the favor and try the pumpkin spice this season. It was worth the wait this summer, and although we live in Florida, it gives you a taste of that cool fall feel.