Crate challenge causes near casualties all around the country

The internet’s latest viral challenge is as dangerous as it is hysterical

The duality of the crate challenge; from unrivaled confidence to unbearable pain in an instant.

The duality of the crate challenge; from unrivaled confidence to unbearable pain in an instant.

Brendan Wells, Staff Writer

The cinnamon challenge. The eraser challenge. The salt and ice challenge. All things that we spent our elementary school days participating in just to return home bruised and battered with scars that are still visible to this day. These challenges were the blue print, but a new foe has approached: the crate challenge.

The internet truly is a wonderful place and is possibly the only thing that could’ve birthed the crate challenge, a death-defying act in which milk crates are stacked in ascending order to a peak of about six crates and descending from there, with the objective being to walk over the pyramid without wiping out and living in in Internet infamy forever. Across the globe people have tried their luck, and while few have succeeded, the vast majority have failed miserably, and I when I say miserably, I really mean it. I encourage you all to find some video examples, because the injuries sustained rival those found on any professional sporting field. The way in which the crates wobble with each step is nerve wracking to say the least, and the tension that builds as each level is passed is only comparable to watching that less- than-genius horror movie character walk into that dark basements with glowing eyes at the bottom of the steps.

As most of these challenges go, the danger of the crate challenge is what generates its interest, and the outcome is usually gruesome. Back injuries are the most frequent, with contestants falling with style before crashing into the crates and inevitably tumbling to the ground. The injuries sustained by one woman were enough for popular social media app TikTok to ban the challenge and corresponding hashtag entirely from their platform, a real testament to the danger of what was once seen as a harmless internet challenge. While the crate challenge lacks sensibility, I for one am a firm believer in natural selection, and this is certainly doing the job.