Wrapped up in books

“Our aspirations, are wrapped up in books” – Belle and Sebastian


Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

Never in my life before, have I ever read five books in less than a month until I discovered a series of fictional adventure and magical books: The Unwanteds. There are seven and I just started book 6. I absolutely adore these books because they are full of exploitation, illusions, fantasy, drama, and love, considering I don’t like reading that much. I was never one for reading, but when I came across a series of books that complimented my preferences, I did not hesitate to become a part of the adventures in the book.

I know, you’re probably reading this thinking that you would never find a book you like and if you did you probably would never finish it. I thought the same thing, yet here I am, so interested in a novel series that I dedicate any free time I have to reading them.

Finding a book that you’re interested in can be very difficult. Having that mindset of including a book into your schedule can also be quite difficult. Wanting to sit and read a book has become a common disliking in today’s society. We normalized not reading. Although, reading a textbook for an assignment is different than reading a novel you are passionate about.

Research, stated by www.healthline.com, shows that regular reading will improve brain connectivity, increases your vocabulary, and comprehension. It doesn’t really matter what type of book you read. It doesn’t have to be some #1 selling book on civilizations today and corrupt issues. It can be a fictional book on magic, or a book on psychology or human behavior, romance, drama, of even high school life.

I am constantly learning new ways to speak, new words that are useful in my social life, and it also gives me some sort of freedom. I constantly will get sucked into the book, feeling like I’m in a different world, living and watching the lives of the characters. As long as you’re advancing your knowledge, whatever it may be about, your brain is advancing with it.