Writer’s block

“I get this writer’s block. It comes as quite a shock, And now I’m stuck between, A hard place and the biggest rock” -Just Jack

Brain block gets to the best of us.

Brain block gets to the best of us.

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

Writer’s block is a horrible thing to experience. It’s as if you got stuck in time, struggling to move forward but you can’t because you don’t know how. Being a part of the newspaper staff, I tend to get writer’s block. Some people believe that writer’s block is a disorder, while other believe that it is just in your head. Regardless of the symptoms, it is definitely a painful condition and usually difficult to over come


Writer’s block is different for everyone, but everyone experiences the feeling of being mentally foggy, unable to focus, feeling stressed and frustrated, and lacking inspiration. You might be thinking that this sounds horrible and you never want to become a writer. While that is true, it is in fact temporary.


19-century Russian author Leo Tolstoy is best known for penning the lengthy novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Even though these pieces are two celebrated examples of realistic fiction, his experience with writer’s block made him unable to write for temporary months and even years at a time.


Even though this may seem bad, writer’s block is actually not a bad thing. It allows the writer to improve their creative processes. However, this doesn’t always happen. A huge factor of this is stress. We often have so much stress that we forget we need to overcome something and it could take longer than usual. Although writer’s block is an unexpected, long speed bump, it could possibly be beneficial. Just remember: if you ever experience writer’s block, just know it wont last forever; if you need any ideas, write about writer’s block itself.