Should you stay or should you go?

The pros and cons of in-state vs out-of-state college


in state vs out of state tuition costs (source: in state angels)

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

As a senior in high school, I fully understand the stress behind college applications. For years I’ve been in a constant battle with myself about college. Do I want to go? Where would I go? I don’t want to stay in Florida, but I have Florida prepaid, so I probably should? All this mixed with about a million different questions and concerns. But I’m all figured out, a born and raised Floridian venturing out of her small town to a completely different country. That’s every parent’s nightmare. But I did write a pros and cons list before I made my decision on college. It’s a important decision, so you must put some thought into it!


Staying in the state gives you great benefits, especially if you have florida prepaid! Depending if you signed up for that, you can get up to a four-year degree covered with that. Plus, depending on schools in your state, students may be eligible for more scholarships and grants by staying in their home state. Although, it isn’t a big change if you are into that. But if you are, you will be within driving distance of your family- so that’s a score! But college is meant to broaden one’s horizons, When students stay local, they tend to be with the same friends and limit their experiences.


Moving out of state, but still being in America is a big step a lot of high school seniors make. It’s a great way to get prepared for the world, it definitely matures one a lot. Although it isn’t a completely different world, every state has its own quirks and benefits. Choosing an out-of-state school can give students the opportunity to live in a new area of the country. Being away from the life they have once known like the back of their hand. Being away from this gives you a sense of freedom. Plus, by being willing to enroll in non-local schools, students also open themselves up to scholarships. But out of state college is definitely more expensive, so you pick and choose your battles.


It’s a tough decision. But it never hurts to apply to all the schools you want to go to. You never know what could happen. Apply to your dream school and make a decision later after you rule out all the pros and cons. Good luck seniors!