How your mindset can affect your performance

If you have negative thoughts toward an activity, will it affect the outcome?


An example of a negative vs a positive mindset.

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

What is a mindset? Your mindset can be described as your attitudes toward something specific or just in general. These attitudes can be grouped as positive or negative. A positive mindset usually has an open mind to ideas and a negative mindset is the exact opposite. But how can they affect your performance in everyday activities?


Ever heard the saying “fake it till you make it”? This is as true as you believe it to be. If you act like you will perform well, you will subconsciously think you can and you will. You have to believe you can or it will never happen. The clean comedians say, “Plenty of sport psychologists have found a bad attitude to be a one-way ticket to a sports performance failure.” If a teammate of yours doesn’t think your team can win, how do you think the rest of your team will feel? Probably not confident that you can win the upcoming game. If you are fed all of these negative thoughts, you will soon believe them. You should want to be with people that make you think better of yourself, not ones that will bring you down for no reason.


For example, say you have to study for a test that you waited all week to study for and the night before all you think about is how terrible you are going to do. Chances are you aren’t even going to try to study if you already think subconsciously that you will not do well. If you believe you can do good with some studying, you are more likely to try harder and do better rather than the alternative. “When we are in a positive frame of mind, our brain is around 31% more productive than when it is in a negative, neutral or stressed state” says executive coaching. This is to say the same for anything really. In sports, such as soccer, if you know you are going to be playing the toughest team in the districts and you just think your team cannot do it, this is how you will perform. If you give it your all, who knows what the outcome will be.