The Barking Hour

The dreaded time of 9 PM hits and our house is echoing in barks and howls.


Don’t be fooled by his cuteness, Jack knows how to get on your last nerve.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

The clock strikes 9 and suddenly Jack Dawson feels the need to bark and sing to the moon. Named after no other than Jack Dawson from the Titanic, Jack has a free spirit and a tiring amount of energy. With two walks a day, constant play, and everlasting attention, Jack seems to feel as if he is not getting an adequate amount of pets at exactly 9 p.m. Right on the dot we get to enjoy a free concert immense in a variety of different pitched barks and howls directed at the cat or more so at me for wanting to go to bed and not play tug of war.

Jack’s display of his wondrous vocal sounds can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour; there is no schedule for we have to base the ten-minute days on a matter of luck. Despite our attempts to bless him with treats and play, there is nothing we can do to end this daily routine. With a multitude of headaches and annoyance, we collectively as a family have researched what the cause for the barking hour could be. Many websites claim that barking at night is a dog’s way of displaying that they are not receiving enough attention, or that they have too much built up energy that they don’t know how to contain themselves. Other research also reveals that an unhealthy diet could also be a great reason for this. However, we have been able to debunk all of these claims.

Our one and a half year old dog lives in a household with five people, gets to sleep with me on a full sized, and extremely comfortable mattress at night, a nutrient-based and rather expensive diet, a normal routine, and everlasting attention, our furry friend is more than spoiled. Therefore, there is simply no reason as to why he should be having this issue at night. The last time that we took Jack to the veterinarian to get his vaccinations, we consulted the doctor about this and she too listed the various reasons as to why this would be occurring. We also took into consideration that the breed of hound and lab in him may be causing the barking; however, upon further research there are no solid conclusions. We again came to the agreeance that there is simply no reason for this barking.

We have even compared Jack to my older sister’s chocolate lab named Bailey. Although Bailey has her own issues when it comes to containing way too much energy, she has never had a designated hour reserved for barking, rather she barks when she actually needs something. Jack barks at various times throughout the day, as needed; however, his schedule must include this dreadful hour. I have been able to conclude that Jack likes to bask in our annoyance and does it to simply receive more attention than what he already gets. It is not as if he is begging for attention, believe me, he is gifted with so much attention during this hour, even if it is not the attention that he is striving for. I usually am the only to sit on the floor and soothe him with conversation as he sings, and my mom laughs uncontrollably. This is usually the time when my dad will escape to the garage and my brother will hide in his room and pretend to be busy so that he does not have to deal with the chaos that is occurring in the other room. Ultimately, Jack Dawson just likes to sing, or the other option which seems to reign more accuracy, he finds it humorous to see our rolling eyes and anticipation as we wait for the barking hour to come to an end.