What are you going to be for Halloween?

With only a few days left, have you chosen you Halloween costume?

A traditional holiday activity for most families: carving scary pumpkins.

A traditional holiday activity for most families: carving scary pumpkins.

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Whether you are staying at home handing out candy, going out to party with your friends, or trick or treating, you need a costume. Dressing up in silly costumes is a rite of passage for all ages. For children, Halloween is a fun holiday filled with tons of sugar, for young adults it is an exciting night to go out in cute costumes with friends, and for adults, they can still dress up and pretend they are still younger and all the excitement is still there. I mean who wouldn’t want to be someone else for the day? Your options are practically unlimited.


On Halloween, you could be literally anything you want to be. From superheroes to movie stars, the sky is the limit. That is what makes Halloween so fun; you get to escape the normal for the night. Dressing up for Halloween is what people have known since they were a child as an exciting way to be come someone or something else to get candy, but does anyone really know why we dress up or who came up with this child-like idea?


Karen Belz with Bustle magazine states that, “Halloween got its start a long time ago — in fact, it’s been dated back to the Iron Age and the Celtic holiday of Samhain.” In short, according to Livescience, they believed there was a specific day spirits passed over into the next realm. Oct. 31 made sense, since it was the last day of the Celtic calendar before winter, which typically killed off the crops and nature in general. As for why a lot of Halloween decor is a bit haunting in nature — that can be traced back to the fact that Oct. 31 was once a day to both honor spirits, and ward off the less-than-desirable ones.” Knowing this background can explain why most costumes and Halloween things are “scary-themed.”


According to USA Today a few of the most popular costumes this year as claimed by google are: a witch, a rabbit, a dinosaur, Spider-man, Cruella de Vil, fairy, Harley Quinn, a cowboy, and a clown. My sisters and I have been every costume you could think of from princesses to Tigger, from Winnie-the-Pooh, to pirates. Our favorite costume/picture we have of ourselves is when my sister and I were daisies and my older sister was a lion. It was pretty comical and made for a funny picture.