A man (and woman’s) best friend

Molly and Luna


Luna (left) Molly (right)

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny tea-cup puppies to Great Danes. No matter what breed they are, they are adorable and are the best company. You can take them to the beach, on a walk/run, as a road trip buddy, literally as anything. They could possibly replace your best friend. Dogs are known as a man’s best friend due to their close relations, loyalty, friendship, and companionship with humans.


I have two dogs. Molly (11 years old) and Luna (1 year old), both Golden Doodles, (in my opinion the best breed of dogs). My family and I got Molly in New Jersey when we lived there, Molly flew across the country to get to us from her breeder. She is the best and most well-behaved dog ever. She has the smartness of a golden retriever and just the right amount of silliness of a poodle. She never does anything bad and is the sweetest dog. Luna on the other hand is still a puppy. I mean I can cut her a little bit of slack, but she is crazy. When we first got her, she would quite literally bounce off the walls and bark all the time. But she was adorable, so we let it slide a little. 

Molly and Luna are the jealous type. If you are petting one, you must pet the other or they will nudge the other to the floor. For Molly, it makes sense. For 10 years she never had to share the attention and now she does so I understand her jealousy. Luna gets jealous because as a new puppy she got all the attention when we first got her but now, however, she has to share attention as well. It is funny because Molly has never been one to snuggle but Luna loves it since she was coddled as a puppy. Molly will be laying down probably sleeping and Luna will go to her and snuggle up on the curve of the side of her stomach, Molly will get up and lay down somewhere else. Luna will have this dumbfounded look on her face like “what did I do?” Though sometimes (a handful full of times) she won’t move. I’m pretty sure it’s because she is to lazy to move. Luna spends her whole day in my sister’s room when she is home, the only explanation for this is that my sister allows Luna to go on her bed (which she isn’t allowed to do) to sleep, they take naps together until they both get yelled at.