When you hear THE sirens.

Why do people think they are automatically doing something illegal when they pass a cop car?

This is the car that makes you double check your mph no matter the road or highway you are on when seen.

This is the car that makes you double check your mph no matter the road or highway you are on when seen.

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Picture this: you are driving down East Lake road going 60 mph but are keeping up with traffic… then you hear the sirens. You check your speedometer. You check to see if the officer is behind you (he is). Your heart sinks and then you start to panic. You start to get the nervous heart-beating out of your chest shakes. Where do I pull over? Why am I being pulled over? Do I have my drivers license? You could be doing nothing wrong and still go through a mental checklist of everything you could get in trouble for. The officer pulls you over to let you know your taillight is out. Phew!

There is something about a police siren and lights that makes everyone drive with extra caution. Is it because of the fear of consequences? For teens, having to tell your parents and get in deep trouble? Or plain and simply the hefty fine of breaking the law? Whether you are actually driving the car or if you are a passenger, you get this indescribable feeling of what will happen next.

My sister and I have both been pulled over on the cop infested East Lake Road. Me down by the stop sign by Target and my sister by the 7-11, both for “reckless driving/speeding.” Realistically, I was only bobbing and weaving cars all the way down East Lake Road due to my impatience (which I blame my father for) and I luckily got off with a warning. For my sister, on the other hand, we were trying to get our friend home fast so she didn’t get in trouble for missing her family dinner. Karma was not on her side this day. She got off with a $294 ticket for going 20 mph over. My parents were not happy considering they had to pay for the ticket, and my sister claimed she wasn’t driving that fast when in fact she was and I told her to slow down but she never listens to me. We also ended up making our friend even later. She had driven cautiously for about a week and then went back to her “unreasonably over the speed limit” driving. Bottom line: don’t speed; it’s not worth it.