Sidetalk NYC is the best thing on the Internet right now



Sidetalk has taken the world by storm as of late, with all of their socials seeing incredible growth in these last few months in particular.

Brendan Wells, Staff Writer

In case anybody was wondering, Twitter is my favorite app. I feel like every single day I can click open on the beautiful blue bird and find a hidden gem or two, and my latest discovery is one of my favorites in quite a while. An Internet interview show like no other, Sidetalk NYC is as fascinating as it is hilarious.


How could you ever encapsulate the intense and bustling energy of New York City in a mere minute? This question seems impossible to answer, but Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne, the creators of Sidetalk have developed a genius answer. The pair of 19-year-old NYU students have created the perfect formula, as Sidetalk finds an interviewer and camera man walking the streets of New York City to find the most eclectic characters the Big Apple has to offer, and filming brief clips that combine to create one, minute long video. The duo attends events and gatherings armed with nothing but a microphone and a camera, and the results are a treat. Sidetalk is New York in its purest form; the accents, the slang, the sights, and the sayings have made a name for themselves on the Internet, as Sidetalk’s fan base grows every day. With 765 thousand Instagram followers (a colossal number compared to the 20,000 they had this time last year), Sidetalk is just getting started, as a newly inked deal to a Hollywood agency and management company will provide the two students with endless opportunities to grow their brand exponentially.


The answer as to why Sidetalk works so well is simple; it’s the perfect Internet show for 2021. While social media has essentially killed what was left of the 12-22 age bracket’s attention span, Sidetalk delivers short, punchy, and memorable clips that stick with the viewer, and are to have any Sidetalk enjoyer spewing out New York lingo at the drop of Yankee hat. A certain episode in which the duo goes to Coney Island has found its place on Tiktok, with many users taking the sound and ranking the various quotes from the video. While the Coney Island video is hysterical, my personal favorite is the episode created right outside Madison Square Garden after the first home game of the season for the New York Knicks. Those well versed in NBA lore know that the Knicks have been abysmal to say the least as of late, but their fan base is unlike anything in all of sports, as despite their lackluster play on the court, MSG is sold out every single night, with loud New Yorkers heckling the opposing team with no remorse. The season opener just so happened to be a win for the beloved Knicks, and the fans celebrated as if they’d won the championship already. Chants of “let’s go Knicks” reigned supreme through this video, with plenty of cheap shots at their rival and latest conquest, the Boston Celtics. In short, I’d highly recommend this one if you can sit through the minute of profanity laden celebratory speeches. Sidetalk’s immense oddity and hilarity are enough to keep it afloat for years to come, with the fan base, and in turn potential for expansion growing larger and larger each day.