Fresh and Flashy: Spring and Summer Fashion Trends as Explored by Vogue

From Vogue Collections for Spring and Summer 2022, some prospective fashion habits have rumbled the runway scene; let’s see what’s in store for the next two seasons.

Two main fashion styles are given major thought in trend predictions for this season.

Two main fashion styles are given major thought in trend predictions for this season.

Jasmin Parrado, Staff Writer

As the year has renewed and brought about its visions for style and trend comebacks, Vogue has captured the essence of our foreseeable fashion future; from color pop to decade blazer nostalgia, here is our upcoming spring and summer closet in preview.

Upon observation, these trends seem to branch off mainly between two fashion aims: chic and seasonally fresh. Let’s see what’s in store for both. 

Three of the many prominent chic fashion trends for this season come right at Spring’s door.

Chic Gal

  • Behold the bold; the seasons bring blossom with an air of confidence fresh to fashionistas. We’ll be seeing a multitude of clothing pieces and accessories showcasing the essence of the chic feminine. Classy pieces and statement wear of previously minimized fashion assets take the lead in a future of confident and graceful refinery.
  • Power blazers are sure to take effect in the fashion scene as an ultimate outfit piece. This time, it will not serve primarily as outerwear as much as it will its very own statement factor; therefore, you’ll be seeing it worn mainly against the skin. Blazer styles for this year will aim to cinch the waist and accentuate the curve of it against immensely exaggerated shoulder broads, emphasized by shoulder pads or sleek cuts against firm material to achieve the look. Saint Laurent par Anthony Vaccarello, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana are known to feature beautiful creations of this fierce piece. 
  • Monochromes lead us into the year as an already prevalent manner of achieving a chic and fashionable outcome; we’ll still be seeing it as a constant staple throughout the majority of the year, transcending various matching pieces and accessories in the same tone and tint to give the wearer’s outfit a sense of unity and premeditated assemblage. Monochromatic sets are crucial to relaying the sleek and confident persona we search for; straightforward and blatant, it will set the tone for this style emphasis. Find some combos shown by Hermès, Alexander McQueen, and Fendi on the runway. 
  • Cut out pieces and sets are as fashion-forward as they get; they vocalize through graphic and asymmetrical cutout designs throughout simplistic material, revealing the body in an interesting manner reminiscent of artwork. Character is brought to the scene with no shame, which implies a certain confidence—one that only a knowledgeable chic gal would be able to walk into a room with. See the cut-out design embedded throughout designers like Balmain, Courreges, and Saint Laurent par Anthony Vaccarello. 


From popping color contrasts to flowy and fun styles, spring and summer will certainly be given some fresh air

Fresh Gal

  • Fresh is the prevailing word indeed; in this context, however, it’ll apply to the vibrant and exuberant themes within the foreseeable spring and summer collection; the embracing of the differentiated, minimized, and gentle is on its way like a flower in the wind.
  • The micro skirt, being just one of various minimizers of fashion pieces having sprung about in the recent years, will be greatly appreciated in the quest of accentuating one’s silhouette and certainty. Reminiscent of the mini skirt’s more revealing factors, the micro skirt intends to do just the same—but with more flare and straight shape beneath high-cropped pieces or hidden beneath matching light coats and blouses. A symbol of the distinguishable pursuit that many take in lieu of a skirt’s usually preppy or safe-zone connotation, we are reminded just how a lack can be just as effective in raising statement as abundance.
  • Color block will hit you with its fashion-forward implications of color oppositions and adjacents  holding hands; interpret the fruity oranges with sky blues on your pantsuits and polos; the lavenders with lollipop candy pink on your shorts and dresses. It just reads, “I am young and free,” as no muted shades or tints blank or mingle one’s image. These seasons will be set with fresh tones so as to awaken the bloom of another year’s ambitions and prospective glories. We’ll be sporting the very appearance of it too, it seems.
  • Sorbet, described as “sweet and optimistic” by Vogue, adds to the freshness of the spring and summer aesthetic by presenting a rather unique palette from which no harsh neon vibrancy is located, and neither is any overbearing dark signature. Likened to pastels, sorbet colors will enrich the future wardrobe with a certain cleanliness and grace that we take comfort in through the days of hot sun and busywork. 

Now, these trends and style depictions don’t necessarily apply to all—but they set the basis for what our societal fashion standards will present to us in the face of two undoubtedly wonderful seasons. I wonder what more awaits and calls to our wardrobe doors for a certain top or bracelet; but I know for a fact that it will embrace the vibe of chic youth and fresh pop culture, tied beneath our waist and over our shoulders.