My latest addiction

Adopting the daily Weddle into my daily routine.


My most impressive game of Weddle, a true “nothing into something” story.

Brendan Wells, Web Editor

Wordle has taken the world by storm over the last few months, with players proudly displaying their results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As all good originals must have, sequels have popped up everywhere. In this riveting Talon article, I’d like to discuss those new iterations, and give a special shoutout to my favorite.

When something with the impact of Wordle comes into the forefront, copycat programs are bound to pop up just about everywhere. While some are takes on the original game, others introduce entirely new topics to the five-letter word guessing game. The closest versions to the original is the unlimited version, which allows players to guess multiple words throughout the day, as opposed to the one daily word given by the New York Times. Features to the unlimited version include upping the letter count to make the guessing a little more difficult and adding attempts to a game if you find yourself struggling. Quordle is the next most similar to the original game, as it challenges players by presenting them with 4 words at once, while still limiting them to just 8 guesses per word. If Quorlde is too difficult and you consider yourself a Shakespeare fan (I have a feeling you’ll be able to figure out Quordle if you’re a Shakespeare fan but alas), I must suggest Bardle, which utilizes Shakespearian languages its word bank. Basketball fans have Poetel, an NBA player guessing game, and hockey fans have Gordl for NHL players, but football fans take the title for best iteration of a Wordle game

The NFL version of Wordle is called “Weddle” named after pro bowl safety, Eric Weddle. Even though he’s a good player regardless, Weddle’s last name fits perfectly with the theme, and makes for a great name to a challenging yet fun game. Weddle has you guess any skill position player on the offensive side of the ball to begin. From there, the program will lay out his position, height, age, team, division, and number. Green indicates a correct guess, and yellow tiles depend on the category you’re guessing in. If a yellow tile up in the division column, congratulations! You’re in the right conference (AFC or NFC) but the wrong division. A yellow in the height or age or number category indicates that your guess is within two increments of the actual player, for example, a guess of a player wearing number 10 will appear yellow if the actual player wears number 12. The game is challenging, but that of course doesn’t affect my PERFECT record. Not to brag, but I’ve never missed a day and in turn solution to my beloved game. Its s ritual, sometimes if I’m up late, ill-treat my daily Weddle as a goodnight tool, a little post-midnight reaffirmation of my NFL knowledge. Whether it be two guesses (my personal best) or 6, it always ends up working out.

While I won’t suggest Weddle to everyone, the main point is, there’s a version of Wordle out there for everyone, and if you’re using your brain, I’d consider that to be a good thing.