Homecoming week’s new rules

Kaila Schlimm, Staff Writer

             It’s likely to say that everyone’s favorite week of school is the one leading up to the homecoming dance. Its schedule includes skit night, powder puff football, floats, the homecoming football game and the all-time favorite dress up days. But this year there are new changes occurring.          

            The first major change that is taking place this year is that “Homecoming Week” will be after homecoming. This is happening because the homecoming dance will be off campus and the only available date was the Saturday before the homecoming football game. Homecoming will be at Innisbrook this year. Junior Michelle Higbee says, “I’m happy that homecoming is going to be off campus this year and not in the cafeteria! But its going to be kind of weird having all the dress up days after the dance.” Yes this is going to be a major change but hopefully it won’t bring down our school spirit!

            Another thing that is going to be different this year is the dress code is still going to be applied for the dress up days. In previous years administrators let us ignore the dress code if we were participating in the spirit day, but this year we don’t get that freedom. For example, on bum around day instead of being allowed to wear your comfy pajamas and slippers you have to wear sweat pants and shoes that are in dress code. Senior Kayla Fratus says, “Having to stay in dress code on the dress up days is going to be hard. I feel like people aren’t going to go all out like they used to.” Hopefully students will scope out ways to find fun outfits like they have had in previous years. It’s just going to be a lot harder to be a perfect “80’s girl” or “bum” when having to stay in dress code.   

            A new dress up day is being added to the roster as well. It’s called “Genius Day”. So get out your suspenders, high socks, and pull your pants to your belly button because you have to look like the “smartest” person in the class.     

           So as you can see there are a lot of changes this year that are definitely going to mix things up a bit! But a new refreshing schedule might be good for our fellow East Lake students. I guess we are just going to have to find out and see.