AP Psychology–most sought after class

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

     “AP psych is an AP class that is interesting and fun. It is the best of both worlds,” said senior Lexi Klym. Some students like Lexi have waited all four years of high school to take this class. Underclassmen hear “You should take AP psych, it’s an awesome class” from upperclassmen all the time. The information is interesting and easy to comprehend. They learn about personalities, behavior, intelligence, social psychology and many more interesting topics.

     Greg Rocktoff and Kelly Buck taught this class last year. It became so popular that most of last year’s juniors signed up to take it their senior year. So many students signed up that they had to add a new teacher to the mix, Pete Spennato. He has taught American government and regular psychology in the past. “Mr. Spennato is a great American government teacher and I know he will make a great AP psych teacher,” said sophomore Drake Rowland. “I can’t wait to take AP psychology my senior year.”

     Students look forward to going to this class every day. Senior Courtney Kline has Mrs. Buck and she said she looks forward to that class every day. “We get into really good discussions as a class, it is a great class,” she said. It is many students favorite class in their schedule.

    This class is fun and interesting and an AP course. The AP exam is May. All students enrolled will be prepared because East Lake has great AP psych. teachers.

    If you have room to fit this class in your schedule you definitely should. It is a great class with great teachers teaching it, interesting topics and discussions, and it’s an AP credit. The best of both worlds.