Homecoming dance–where will it be?

Julia Fox, Staff Writer


     For almost everyone, the dance is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the words “Homecoming Week.” The Homecoming dance is the culminating event of the week for most; girls spend a couple of weeks in advance finding what to wear while the boys fret over whether they will want to go with a certain someone or go solo. This is the reason why the DJ, the decorations, and most importantly, the location of the dance are so crucial.

     It’s always a very complicated process when it comes to deciding whether homecoming should be held on or off campus and must be planned as soon as possible.

      In 2008, Homecoming was held off campus at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center. This venue had its ups, and it had its downs: students were not being forced to dance in a pool of sweat on the cafeteria floor, but the stoplight at the corner and the lack of parking created a lot of traffic problems.

      Last year, Homecoming was held at the school. Some students and parents enjoyed this because of the convenience. However, many missed the off-campus aspect of the dance. The set-up was a little unusual. The auditorium lobby was opened to dance in as well to create more space. Once again, some liked the different set up; others did not enjoy the separation because there was a lot of confusion when trying to find friends.

     This year, the Student Government Association was able to book homecoming at Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort. The Inverness Hall is reserved for the dance on Saturday, October 30th. Student Government Association Board secretary, Jonell Gregor, reported, “It took awhile to find a venue with a date that worked and when we found Innisbrook it just seemed like a perfect location.”

     Other possible venues included the Vinoy Resort and Gulf Club. The location was switched to Innisbrook because it is much closer and less expensive than Vinoy.

     Now that the event is being held off campus, many may be wondering if the dance will be more expensive, the answer is no. Just like last year, the ticket prices will remain the same with the price increasing the closer it gets to the dance.

     “I think for people trying to find their way to the dance is a potential problem,” said student Lauren Polito. Chelsea Ogle agreed, “Especially for underclassman, finding rides there and back could be difficult.”

     Still, countless students are looking forward to having it off campus again. Senior Brittany DiIorio stated, “I’m more excited for homecoming this year than I ever have been because not only is it my senior year, it’s at Innisbrook and not at the school.”

     To many, the location of the dance alters their view on homecoming altogether. It will be interesting to see how this location choice for the homecoming dance will play out.