Super senior year


Erin Cole

Senior class president Monica Freifeld holds up a senior superheroes t-shirt

Erin Cole, Sports Editor

    After three years of being labeled as an “underclassman,” parking as far away from the school as possible, and taking a majority of final exams, most high school students are happiest the day they officially become seniors. Being able to look forward to all of the “senior perks” including the infamous Senior Skip Days, senior parking, and the all time favorite, graduation, makes the year go by a lot faster and seem a whole lot better.

            Here at East Lake, we have our traditional senior benefits which are especially enjoyed at the end of the year. Leading up to the big day of graduation students take part in Grad Bash at Universal Studios, Senior Breakfast, and much more. While these traditions are remaining the same, more traditions are being added. Senior Class President Monica Freifeld and Vice President Cole Krug, have come up with many new ideas to make the graduating class of 2011 have an incredible fourth year. Student government had always considered having the senior class themed, but up until this year no one has taken any action. With a new authority figure, senior class is now officially known as “Senior Superheroes,” adopting a Superhero theme throughout the entire year. The first day of school the school’s new upperclassmen received a lei (like usual) and a “Hello my name is Senior” sticker, but this time Superman themed. Shirts have also been on sale to promote the Senior Superheroes for 2011, and according to senior class officers, this is only the beginning.

Q&A with President, Monica Freifeld:

How did you come up with the idea of making the senior class have a theme?
My cousin was Senior Class President at his school a few years back and he told me that his class had pirates as their senior theme and it was a very unifying experience. I just want our senior year to be more spirited than ever before.

What was the final deciding point to make it “Senior Superheroes” and what were some of your other options?
We decided to make “Senior Superheroes” our theme after the idea was voted upon at multiple meetings and there was no dissention. There were no other options that people offered forth.

Fill us in on some of your ideas for Senior Class that haven’t been done before and what perks you’ve been considering.
As Senior Class President I would like this to be the most memorable year for the whole class. I would love to have more events and activities that celebrate the fact that we are seniors. Some ideas are a senior dress up week, lip-sync competition, and a senior picnic. I am also trying to work on gaining more senior privileges, none have been decided yet but I will do my best to make them possible in the near future.

Have you heard any feedback on what people think of some of the new additions?
Yes, everyone seems to be excited about this unifying and spirited experience. I can’t wait for everyone to show their senior pride!

What are you most looking forward to about this school year? Least looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to the Senior Class Student Government bringing the senior class together to celebrate that we are finally seniors and I hope we set an example and share our spirit with the rest of the school. I am least looking forward to saying goodbye to all the great friends I’ve made but I am glad to have had this unforgettable high school experience.

Through experimenting with new ideas and thinking outside of the box, the newly elected officers of this year’s senior class are striving to make this year the best one yet. With strong leadership and an excited group of students, the 2010-2011 school year is almost assured to be a success!