Flooding dangers in Australia

Tyler Higbee, Staff Writer

For the past couple weeks, there has been extreme flooding in Brisbane, Australia. This started with serious rain and now it is causing the rivers to overflow. They have evacuated areas in the suburbs and some farmlands but with this being the third largest city in Australia, it is a major problem just moving people out. The flooding that has been going on since late November took a turn for the worst Monday when a cloudburst send a huge wave of water, similar to a tsunami, starting in Queensland and going through the Lockyer Valley to a town called Toowoomba. Hundreds of people had to be rescued by a helicopter on Tuesday. Civilians said “the huge wave of water just stormed through the town taking people and cars with it, there was no where for anyone to run.”

            “The water was literally leaping, six or 10 feet into the air, through creeks and over bridges and into parks,” Greg Kowald, 53, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. Kowald was caught right in the middle of the tsunami as it roared through the streets. The confirmed number of dead was 10 while 90 other civilians were not found or missing. This means that now from the high water and flooding there has been 20 certain deaths. These numbers are not including the hundreds that were injured over that past couple of