Mr. Eagle 2011

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

One of the most popular events of the school year looks to bring yet another year of excitement to the students and staff.

                It’s that time of the year again. Mr. Eagle is finally back. The popular male beauty pageant looks to bring a lot of attention and conversation amongst the student body when it hits the stage on February 10th at 7:00 pm. For the first time in school history, tickets are being sold before the event during lunch and after school at the theater.  This is a plus for many students who wish to lock up a seat before the big show when the lines tend to be huge and people are having a difficult time finding a seat. The decision of selling seats ahead of time is one of the many changes that are being brought upon with the head of the drama department Brad Brady. 

The addition of the on spot question and the walk on song during the introduction of a contestant are just a few of the many changes Mr. Brady looks to bring to the competition. Last year’s competition was filled with excitement with many of the contestants bringing unique talents to the stage such as Tyler Vaughn’s infamous song about senioritis and Kevin Douglas and his hilarious dance routine.  Many will not forget the surprising talent of the young Will Maizel and his unicycling/ juggling act. However in the end, it was the aspiring comedian Tyler Colfer who took home the Mr. Eagle crown.

This year the competition has shrunk a little bit with only 13 participants but many should be excited with what these students are willing to bring to the table.  A crowd hungry for entertainment should expect nothing less of spectacular this year. Many kids have different reasons of coming to Mr. Eagle, but in the end they’re all there for enjoyment. Junior Kevin Conway says, “ I like going to Mr. Eagle because of the fact that if you miss out on the night, you will have nothing to talk about for the next few days because everyone will be talking about it.” Senior Alison Hassell says, “The thing I like the most about Mr. Eagle is seeing those kids that you wouldn’t expect to be so funny and talented perform the way they do during Mr. Eagle.” 

                There are many reasons to pay to watch such an entertaining night filled with surprise, laughter, and men at their finest during the swimsuit portion of the pageant. However, many seem to not understand why the contestants are willing to get embarrassed and dedicate so much time to their talents and swimwear. Junior and second year contestant Stephen Callum says, “Only reason I’m doing it again is because of the fact that so many girls added me on Facebook and asked me for my phone number after last year’s big show.” Sophomore Will Maizel says, “I’m doing Mr. Eagle because of the fact I had so much fun last year and wasn’t willing on missing out on such a great opportunity.” 

These two brave students are the only two who have the guts to go on back to back years with the rest of the pack participating in the event for the first time. Some notable names to keep an eye out on include Dylan Gouletas, Josh Faylo, Bradley Miller, Sam Francis, Jeff Brown, Jonathan Higger and Imran Ahmed. Expect some intense competition with these kids, starting with the evening wear and moving on to the unique swimwear they plan to bring to the table. Be prepared for an eventful spectacle full of talent under the lights at the theater on the 10th of February.