Mr. Eagle 2011 results

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

Mr. Eagle 2011 was a lot different than you’d expect, but the contestants strove to give the people a night filled with entertainment. The winner of this year’s contest was senior Dylan Gouletas, who was sponsored by SGA. He performed an interpretive dance to the theme song of Aladdin and also won the best swimsuit award with his rock hard six pack. The talent award was won by junior Bradley Miller, sponsored by FCA, who came through in a big way and found a way to woo the crowd with his very unique ability of beatboxing, including a solo of the theme song to The Godfather. The swimsuit award was won by sophomore William Maizel, who had the unique BP Oil Spill costume; he also found a way to win over the crowd with his amazing unicycling/juggling performance. The 3rd place performance went to Joshua Faylo, who was sponsored by the German Club.  He had a unique song choice and pulled it off and brought home the 3rd place prize. In the end it was a good show though there were fewer contestants this year than in years past so it seems like the pageant was a lot shorter than usual. The new additions such as the on spot question were very good additions to the competition, though. Have no fear Eagle Nation, the Mr. Eagle contest will return next year and should not disappoint.