Florida State Fair

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

Floridians have waited all year for it to arrive. The smell of funnel cakes and fried Oreos fills the air. The Florida State Fair is finally here.

  The Fair opened on February 10th and ends the 21st. There is so much to do at the fair it’s incredible, with tons of rides and food to choose from the famous Sling Shot and the Zipper. Who could forget fried Oreos and candied apples? The fair is a great place to bring the whole family because there is something for every member. There are boat and cooking shows as well as kid rides and entertainment. Sophomore Drake Rowland said his favorite food was the candy apple. There are so many foods to choose from that you can’t get in your normal everyday restaurant. The fair is famous for its wide array of food. Just be careful to not eat a fried Twinkie and ride the Zipper minutes later. Pace yourself, the fair closes each night at around 10:30.

    This past weekend in the Amphitheater there was a cheerleading competition taking place. Admission was free because it was inside the fair. Many people grabbed some kettle corn and headed over to watch the action. A lot of local Florida teams showed up and battled it out. Top honors went home with our very own Cheer Express in the small all girl level 5 division and in the senior large level 3 division. Many East Lake students showed up to the fair on Sunday to watch and support these teams and got to enjoy the fair at the same time. Senior Kelli McKenna was one of these students. “I loved getting to watch my friends compete and then being able to go to the fair after,” she said. Cheerleaders enjoy this competition too because after they compete they can go and enjoy the fair with their friends. Junior Taylor Hunt says, “It is a great competition to being my friends and family to because we go to the fair right after.”

    The Florida State fair is a great place to kick back and have fun. There aren’t long lines or high admission fees. It doesn’t take that long to get there. It has so much to offer from jewelry and cooking shows to cheerleading competitions. There truly is something for everyone. There isn’t much time left to enjoy the fair so head over there now. It comes once as year for a very short amount of time so this is it.