Gas prices continue to rise

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

Spring is here and the closer we get to summer the more there is to look forward to, but gas prices aren’t one of them.  A gallon of gas costs an average of $3.84 in the United States which is  almost a dollar more than it was a year ago and some experts  speculate that gas here in Tampa Bay could reach $6 over the summer.   Others like Tancred Lidderdale, forecaster for the federal Energy Information Administration, said the EIA is forecasting a peak of $3.91 a gallon in July, then a slow decrease, “but not enough to please anyone.”  With estimations this broad it is unsure what gas prices might actually hit but one thing it all points to is that you will end up paying more to fill up.  Numerous things are affecting the increase in gas prices including unrest in the Middle East, the rising price of crude, and the basic effects of supply and demand.  This all creates a big problem for all drivers, especially students.  

                With an upcoming three months off from school all student drivers will be faced with much more free time to go places and do things but the current and predicted gas prices could bring all this to a halt.  Many students get jobs over the summer with the intent to save it for college or just have some spending money both of which will be cut by the price you’ll have to pay at the pump to even get to your job.  If gas prices reach the predicted levels they will be simply too high for many students to afford leisurely driving or long rides to Clearwater Beach. 

“I drive a jeep with a 21 gallon gas tank and the other day I found out that Shell gas pumps automatically shut off after $85 dollars worth.  Putting my card in a second time to top it off added insult to injury,” said junior, Tyler Carbonelli.  For students cars and driving mean freedom and this summer gas prices will unfortunately be putting a leash on many people’s freedom.