2011 Cheerleading Worlds

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

On April 30th in Orlando, Florida hundreds of teams gathered in the Milkhouse at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex for the biggest and most prestigious cheerleading competition of the year, the 2011 World Cheerleading Championships. Teams from as far as New Zealand and Australia made the 20 hour plane ride to Orlando to compete against the best.

     Tampa’s very own Senior Silver team from Cheer Express received a fully paid bid to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds and competed against 73 other teams in the senior small all girl division. They had to compete on Saturday and had to do well in order to advance to the finals on Sunday. They competed at 6:00 and did amazing. They were in 13th coming out of prelims. 30 teams out of the 73 teams made it to finals and Senior Silver was one of these teams.

    Finals were held on Sunday and the teams competed in reverse order, so the team in 30th performed first and the team in 1st out of prelims competed last. Senior Silver did great the second day and ended up moving to 7th place, which they were very excited about.  East Lake senior Sabrina Mone said, “Just being in the top 10 in the world is a great accomplishment.”  For Sabrina and four other seniors at East Lake, it was their last time competing on this team so it was very emotional as well.  “It was a great way to end the season and my time cheerleading at Cheer Express,” said senior Lexi Klym. This is a great accomplishment for this little gym right here in Tampa.