Remembering 9/11

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

Any person of age in the United States who could say they do not remember where they were during the 9/11 attacks is lying. The attacks on the U.S became monumental and something  that will go down in history, something related to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942.

In the year 2001, the Taliban hijacked three airplanes, crashing two in the World Trade Center towers and the other into the Pentagon, killing thousands of innocent Americans. It will now be the 10th anniversary and the attacks are still burning strong in our memories. Not only was it a cowardless blow on our nation but killed thousands.

These attacks soon led to the Iraqi war and is sad to say that we are still at war ten years later. However, we have seen significant progress in the past five months. United States military forces were able to seek and destroy Osama Bin Laden. That itself is a small victory for our nation. With him dead, this makes the U.S that much stronger but the war that much more dangerous. For the ten year ceremony, all of the New Yorkers will gather in the city and pray and remember the ones who have passed during the attack. There are also events like marathons where who ever is running identifies who they are running for.  September 11 has also been designated as a service day, where it will now be a day to help people in need. There will also be concerts and such that will celebrate the ones who defend and fight for our country everyday.  No matter what has happened or is to happen, nobody who has lived through this era will never forget that day and the thousands of people who died and served to fight and protect for this country.